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February 8, 2023

Melinda Dillon passes away
Melinda Dillon who played Ralphies mother in "A Christmas Story" passed away on January 9. She was the only main cast member from the movie who was not in the recent sequel "A Christmas Story 2" other than the Darren McGavin who died in 2006. She had been 'retired' from the industry since 2007
November 18, 2022

A Christmas Story House - For Sale
Purchased in 2004 by Brian Jones of Red Ryder Leg Lamps, and opened in 2006 after very detailed rennovation to restore it to it's 'movie days', the A Christmas Story House and all the associated properties are up for sale. Hopefully, under a new ownership, it will continue to be the attraction it has become over the years.
November 16, 2022
Updated: 11-06-2022

A Christmas Story Christmas
Premiering November 17th on HBO Max
On November 17th the latest sequel to "A Christmas Story" will premier on HBO Max. Let's hope that with Peter Billingsly behind the effort, this one turns out to be better than the turkey called 'A Chrismas Story 2'
February 15, 2022
Updated: 02-19-2022
Then and now
A Christmas Story Christmas
Additional Cast Annoucements
Joining Peter Billingsly will be former cast members Randy (Ian Petrella), Flick (Scott Schwartz), Schwartz (R.D. Robb) and Scut Farkas (Zack Ward). Also joining the cast in new roles will be Erinn Hayes, River Drosche, Julianna Layne, and Julie Hagerty.
January 20, 2022
Hopefully this sequel will not be an "Oh, Fudge" moment for Peter Billingsly.
A Christmas Story Christmas
Another sequel(?) planned
So, at first there was "My Summer Story" (aka" It Runs in the Family") which was entirely miscast, then there came "A Christmas Story 2" which was absolutely horrible. Now Warner Brothers has announced a new sequel "A Christmas Story Christmas" with Peter Billingsley recreating his role as Ralphie. So far so good. Hopefully, some of the others in the original cast will also appear, although Darren McGavin will be sorely missed here. I hope that, in writing the script, they will review Shepherd's works, not just the books, but his radio shows which were a big part of the evolution of the original movie. There needs to be a careful balance of 'looking back' at some of the original topics, and introducing new ones based on other stories Shep told. Which leads to another important point. It was Shepherd's narration of the original movie which brought the stories to life. For this movie to succeed, it will need good insight into writing the script from Shep's viewpoint, and then overcoming the two major obstacles of Shep's narration and Darren McGavin's perfomance. Fortunately, the original house used in the movie has been preserved and if they're smart, it will be used in some form. It is a tourist attraction and many people can relate to it personally having been there. Here's hoping that the writers get a visit by 3 ghosts and heed their advice.
March 9, 2017
Cutting a deal
Leg Lamp For Sale
On Season 6 Episode 11 of AMC's Comic Book Men, a leglamp and crate is brought into the shop and sold for $650.
December 2016

The Man Behind the LEG LAMP
Jean Shepherd's Innovation Reflected His Crazy, Conflicted Genius
The December 2016 issue of Inventor's Digest contains a story about the famous Leg Lamp, it's inspiration and creation by Reid Creager.
December 7, 2016

The Making of A Christmas Story
by Sam Kashner
The Holiday Issue of Vanity Fair features a story about the making of A Christmas Story


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