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Peter Billingsley targets 'Christmas Story' for Broadway

He still has those baby blues. Take that, you'll-shoot-your-eye-out worrywarts. Don't get Peter Billingsley, aka Ralphie in "A Christmas Story," started on his peepers. The former child star, 40, admits his eyesight is so bad he'd miss a target the size of Higbee's. "Face it, I'm legally blind," the Los Angeles-based actor-turned-filmmaker jokes. "Those were my real glasses I wore in the movie. I wear contacts now." Ah, but his long-term vision is 20-20. After ducking "Christmas Story"-related projects for more than 25 years, Billingsley is embracing his signature role as Jean Shepherd's youthful alter ego. The original Ralphie is serving as producer of "A Christmas Story, The Musical!" It's based on the 1983 film about a little boy longing for a BB gun in Depression-era Indiana....

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