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Filming Locations
Cleveland Ohio

House on W Eleventh Street

The "Parker's" house as seen in December 2002
from Robert Butler
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For Sale

Then and Now

Looking down the street Here's the house across the street where the 'old man' stood admiring his major award.




The shed in the back yard This is looking down the side street across from the House




The newly restored "A Christmas Story House"
ACS House

Higbee's Department Store


The department store where Ralphie made his final plea to Santa. The store has just recently closed.
from Robert Butler
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Toronto Canada
Fight Scene - Minto Street
Filmed at the end of this dead end street, the junkyard is gone and a small brick apartment building
now stands where the boys fought their battle.
Fight Scene Fight Scene
Fight Scene

Fight Scene

In the photo at left you can see the trolley yards still exist. This is the same trolley you see in the scene when the Parkers buy their Christmas Tree. (See below)

Christmas Tree Lot - Queen Street

Tree Lot

The lot appears to have been reduced in size with the addition af the 'New Tribe' building. As you can see the trolleys still pass by.

The building in the background of the tree lot is on the street behind and is shown in the lower left photo as it stands today.


Ohhhh... Fuuudgge! - Cherry Street Bridge
Chop Suey Palace

From the Movie

2007 Photo
The "Chinese Turkey" was served here in this Toronto restaurant
Magder Studios
Many of the interior shots of the Parker house were filmed here and cleverly merged with exteriors.
Ontario Canada
Victoria School

Victoria School
St. Catharines Ontario, Canada

Exterior and interior shots were all done here. Even though there is a flagpole in front of this school, the scene where Flick's tongue got stuck was filmed in the rear with a specially constructed pole.

173 Niagara Street, St. Catharines

November 26,2006

Thanks to Mike Duyn who wrote:
"I tried to match it up to the photo you have from the film the best I could. As you can see from the photo the same trees are still there, but all the windows have been boarded up. It was closed down as a school about 10 years ago, they have a sign out front that says they are planning
on turning it into a womens shelter soon. The field behind the school is going through some major changes, it was sold and they are laying foundations for new housing."

"I remember when they were filming down there I was 9 years old and my parents brought me and my younger bro down to see all the excitement."

January 2005
School Property For Sale

Here are some shots of the school
 and classrooms as they are today


LOCATION: Located south of the Q.E.W., north of Welland Avenue, East of Geneva Street and West of Vine Street, in the City of St. Catharines
MUNICIPAL ADDRESS: 173 Niagara Street, St. Catharines
M.L.S. NO.: Exclusive
TOTAL ACREAGE: The property consists of approximately 5.571 acres (+/-) 472.0 feet frontage along Niagara Street with flankage of 382.2 feet along Gibson Place and 497.6 feet along Fitzgerald Street.
LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Legal provided by the District School Board of as follows: Part of Lots 12 & the Unnumbered , Range No.2, Roll Plan No.17 , SAVE and EXCEPT Plan 799, City of St. Catharines, Regional of Niagara
UTILITY NOTES: Water line sanitary sewers on the property.
ZONING: G - Zone. Permitted uses include community halls recreation centres, cemeteries, golf courses or ranges, parking areas, public or private parks playgrounds, restaurants, pavilions, bandshells and
OFFICIAL PLAN DESIGNATION: Neighbourhood Residential
BUILDING SIZE: 27,764 Feet including basement area
CONSTRUCTION: Main Structure - stone foundation. Exterior front elevation plain facade with brick exterior .
HEATING: Boiler room Basement which has cement ceiling and floor. Three 3) gas fired units
ELECTRICAL POWER: 200 amps breakers (Subject to Verification By Buyer & Hydro)
LIGHTING: Fluorescent fixtures Throughout
SERVICES: The property fully services with hydro, natural gas, telephone and water and sewage services. Storm drains are along the surrounding streets (enclosed sewers)
FACILITIES: Two story is complete with the following:
  • Gymnasium with small stage, hardwood floors, fire exits
  • Storage Rooms, supply room with shelving
  • Custodian Room with small office
  • Computer Room
  • Kitchen, double sink
  • Day care classroom, T -bar ceiling, vinyl tile floor, sink in hallways
  • Boy's washroom
  • Storage Room
Main Floor:
  • Foyer
  • Girls Washroom with t-bar
  • Staff Room (former classroom) two piece washroom, tin ceilings
  • Five (5) Classrooms
  • Library
  • Two (2) offices (reception and principal)
Upper Floor
  • Resource Room
  • Five (5) classrooms, One (1) resource room
  • Staff room with two piece washroom and kitchenette
  • Circular driveway at front of school
  • Paved parking lot on south side of school
  • Fenced yard and fenced parking area
  • Paved play area surrounding perimeter of school
  • Playground to the north of the school, basketball hoop, sandbox area
FLOORING, WALLS, CEILINGS: Flooring the school is a combination of vinyl tile, and painted bare concrete on various basement. Walls and ceilings are a combination of painted and drywall. Ceilings are a combination of tiles, and t-bar acoustic panels.
ROOF: Flat roof
NEAREST HIGHWAY: Q.E.W. at Street, St. Catharines
BUS ROUTE: Public directly on Niagara Street
APPROXIMATE AGE: The original built in 1912 +/-
TAXES: Not currently taxed, School Board Exempt
ROLL #: 03001505300
MORTGAGES: Treat as Clear
LISTING PRICE: $1,150,000.00
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