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Every Kid's Dream...

...a Red Ryder... Higbees

If only I had one...

... I'd get the bad guys...

...and save the family I had lobsters coming out of my ears!

"It's stuck!"

The Bribe

"Must be from Italy"

"It's a Leg!"


"It's a Lamp"

I Know Just Where to Put It!

Every man's dream...

...every woman's nightmare!

I don't know what happened!

You were jealous!

The old man seeks to set a record

Indiana 1940

"Oh fuuudggge!"

Don't taste like fudge!

It was...soap poisoning!

It's Here!

I was now a member

"It was signed... in real ink!"

"Be sure to drink..."

"Red Cabbage"

He had yellow eyes!

"$%&@^ *%#&^*"

"Daddy's gonna kill Ralphie!"

Santa Mountain

Jean Shepherd and Leigh Brown

Leigh Brown

Randy meets "the Man"

"How about a nice football"


"I want a Red Ryder..."

"You'll shoot your eye out kid"

Aunt Clara's gift

No Comment!

"A can of Simonize!"

"An Official Red Ryder..."

"Look out Black Bart!"

"I shot my eye out!"

Don't touch that turkey

"It's smiling"

No problem!

The Chop Suey Palace




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