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What year did "A Christmas Story Take Place?

The little Orphan Annie Decoder has 1940 on it's face.

The license plate on the "old man's" car  says 1940


Boys Life issue is January 1939, but the Red Ryder ad was not on the original back cover.

The look magazine issue is December 21, 1937
(Mom's alway hang onto old issues!)

Shep Cameo

Jean Shepherd is the Narrator and the man in line at Higbee's Department Store when Ralph and Randy visit Santa. Leigh Brown is the woman standing right behind Shep.


Red Ryder
Story Evolution

Shep 1st told this story on the Radio, then in Playboy, and finally in IGWT before using it in the move.

"Ralphie vs Ming the Merciless"
the scene which was cut from "A Christmas Story"

Bob Clark Cameo

Director Bob Clark made a cameo appearance in the movie during the scene when the old man stood out in front of the house admiring his "Award"

Indiana Historical Society Dec 2002 Display

Found on a tee shirt!

"Everybody Loves Ralphie"
From TV Guide

The Little Orphan Annie Decoder Pin

"The Revenge of the Mole People"
The sequel that never got made?



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