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A Christmas Story 2

October 30, 2012

Released directly to video on Bule-Ray DVD No credit is hown for a narator. Doubt of this movies success based on it being marketed direct to video is enhance if there is no narration which is the trademark of Shepherd's success.
Production Information:
Studio / Network: Warner Premier
Written By: Nat Mauldin (also Narrator)
Director: Brian Levant
Asst Director: Gary Blair Smith / Ryan Kosmynka
Producer: Phillip B. Goldfine, Brian Levant
Executive Producer: Benjamin F. Sacks
Running Time: 85 minutes

Nat Mauldin (Narrator)

Braeden Lemaster (Ralphie)

Daniel Stern (The Old Man)

Stacie Travis (Mother)

Valin Shinyei (Randy)

David Buehrle (Schwartz)

David W. Thompson (Flick)

Gerard Plunkett (Hank Catenhauser)

Tiera Skovbye (Drucilla)

Shawn Macdonald (Assistant Manager)

Garry Chalk (Higbee's Santa)

Dan Payne (Ensign Payne)

Alex Zahara (Nazi Interrogator)

C Ernst Harth (Heating Guy)

Jessica Harmon (Perfume Customer)

A Christmas Story 2

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