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Names on meals

Shepherd - The Shepherd family from which Jean Shepherd came. Fenton Shields - Miss Shields was the Harding School teacher who assigned Ralphie the theme on what he wanted for Christmas and gave him a C+. Schaeffer Cosnowski - Josephene Cosnowski was a key figure in Shep's short stories and the PBS movie "The Star Crossed Romance of Josephine Cosnowski" Gertz - One of the "Old Man's" fishing buddies from Shepherd's radio shows and short stories Clark - A tribute to Bob Clark the Director of the orininal movie Pulaski - Mr Pulaski was the storekeeper in "My Summer Story" - Sold the jaw breakers to the kids. Zudock - Frank Zudock was the old man's boss, fishing buddy in Shep's stories, but a co-worker to the old man in real life when they both worked at Borden's Dairy. Breyfogel - Miss Ruth Breyfogal - Shepherd's sixth grade teacher. Wocznowski - (Chester / Cashmere Woczniewski) Characters Shep used in short stories and on the radio when telling stories. Kissel - Ludlow Kissel - "Great American 4th of July and Other Disasters" Ledbetter - Mr Ledbetter was one of Shepherd's bosses. Duckworth - Wilbur Duckworth was the High School Band Leader - "Great American 4th of July and Other Disasters" Schmidt - Betty Schmidt was Randy's gal as a kid Hickey - Wanda Hickey was a key figure in many of Shepherd's movies and short stories. She was the girl no one wanted to date but wound up dating. Ord -

'In God We Trust - All Others Pay Cash' sign in Flicks

Jean Shepherd's first book on which much of "A Christmas Story" is based is imortalized on the back bar at Flick's Tavern.

Old man

Born April 16 Died Dec 19 1973

Bahn Frei

For over 25 years, the 'Bahn Frei Polka' by Eduard Strauss has been Jean Shepherd's theme song for hi radio broadcasts. It is used as comedic background music during the sled scene after Schwartz rides the 'ramp' on a triple dog dare!

Dalfie Publishing

Dlafie Entertainment handles the properties from the estate of Jean Shepherd

Shepherd's Kazoo - photo courtesy Adrian Shepherd


Jean Shepherd would often play a kazoo on his radio show, usually along with songs such as the "Shiek of Araby"

ACS House and Neighborhood

Unlike the original movie, the house and neighborhood in A Christmas Story Christmas were totally reconstructed as a set in Bulgaria

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