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Christmas Past and Present
A little Deja Vu but not too much. . .

Returning Cast

Peter Billingsly - Ralph Parker Ian Petrella - Randy Parker Scott Schwartz - Flick R.D. Robb - Schwartz Zack Ward - Scut Farkas Yano Anaya - Grover Dill

Chop Suey Palace

Making a cameo appearance is the Chop Suey Palace where the Parker family celebrated Christmas dinner after the Bumpus hounds devoured the turkey. It is seen briefly to the left of the Christmas tree lot as the Parkers arrive.

Bunny Pajamas

Aunt Clara's gift end's up in the attic. Guess the furnace was't working again!

Leg Lamp

Only the shade remains of the iconic leg lamp after it gets broken 'by accident' shortly after its arrival in the Parker house as a "Major Award"

Red Ryder

The centerpiece of Ralphie's dream Christmas - the Red Ryder BB Gun. Now left to reside in the attic, just a passing memory.

Bowling Ball

It is round and blue and by the look on the old man's face when dumped into his lap on Christmas morning, was a 16 pounder!

He Knows, He Always Knows

The old man askes Ralph if he's been a good boy all year and Mark wonders how Santa knew he wanted a Flexible Flyer. The response is always the same - He Knows, He Always Knows!!

Caroling in the Car

Whether it's coming home from buying a tree, or after seeing Santa at Higbees, there's always time to sing Jingle Bells in the car - even if it's updated to the 'Batman smells' version.

The Turkey

Only the Bumpus hounds didn't get this one!!!

Escalator to 'Santa's Mountain"

Up on the mountain top, HO HO HO!!!


Good 'ol Higbees where all the kids went to see Santa

Flick's Hat or ??

Could the aviator cap be the one Flick was wearing on the day he stuck his tongue to the flag pole or, based on the photo behind it, a tribute to the real Schwartz whose B-17 crashed into the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Italy in WWII?

Serene Moment

Ralph and his mother watch the snow falling just as she did with the 'old man' in the original movie.

Scut Farkas and Grover Dill

Farkas and Dill return to recreate the 'punch in the shoulder' scene

The desk drawer

Just as all the false teeth ended up in Mis Shields dest drawer, so did Ralph's bribe of Marshall Fields candy end up in the publisher's drawer.

Son of a B*tch

From crummy commercials to finding all the Christmas gifts are gone from the trunk of the car, Ralph expresses his disappointment.

Higbee's Window

Everyone enjoys looking in the department store windows at Christmas

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