Ming the Merciless
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"Ming the Merciless"


Many keen observers noted in the closing credits of "A Christmas Story" that Ming the Merciless was listed amongst the cast. This was not done as a joke. In the early scripts and quite possibly an actual scene filmed and then cut from the movie, Ralphie goes through another of his dream sequences in which he faces Ming the Merciless!

Ming the Merciless: Colin Fox
Flash Gordon: Paul Hubbard

Book 2 In the photo at the top to the left Ralphie sits at his desk writing his theme and in the lower right corner of the picture are 2 books. These are copies of the 'Big Little Book' published by Whitman around 1932. The one furthest away is titled "Flash Gordon in The Ice World Of Mongo". The othe is unidentifiable.
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Following is a copy of the script with the scene which takes place
as he is writing his essay for Miss Shields.

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